Solutions for all suction needs

Smooth Operations:

The smoothest path to better care

The complete portfolio of suction solutions from Serres will ensure practical and functional suction for the entire hospital and peace of mind for all.

Quick start brings more efficiency

Top usability and the patented Single Connection enable you to set up the system quickly and begin an operation without any delay. Intuitive design and no risk of misconnection make the system easy to learn and fastest to teach also to new healthcare staff.

Largest capacity for the entire operation

With the serial connection system, the suction capacity can be expanded up to 36 litres. Thanks to the smart and compact set-up, you can perform the entire surgery without user intervention.

Optimal usability and ergonomics

Serres Suction system is known for its superior user friendliness and enhanced ergonomics. Serres products have been designed with the convenience of nursing staff in mind and optimally fit in all hospital environments. Canisters can be placed on our stable trolleys at an easy-to-reach height without extra bending. Our oval shaped 1000 ml canisters take up minimal space and are perfect for ICUs anesthesia work stations and ambulances.