FAQ: Serres Nemo

How does Serres Nemo work?

Ease of use was a top priority in designing the equipment. Just insert the Serres Suction Bag into the sealed container, close the lid with a safe click, and press the start button. Serres Nemo takes care of emptying and flushing in just 18-20 seconds, depending on the version of the equipment in use. 

Where to Install Serres Nemo? 

Serres Nemo should be installed in a disposal area near the operating rooms where it can be connected to plumbing and electricity. It is installed on the floor on its own adjustable feet. 

What are the dimensions of Serres Nemo? 

The Serres Nemo is 330mm wide, 630 –730mm in depth and 1010 –1060mm tall depending on adjustments. 

What are the plumbing needs? 

Serres Nemo has a hose with a G1/2 connection for connecting to the water supply and a DN50 mm connector for connecting it to the sewerage system. Only hoses supplied with Serres Nemo can be used to connect the solution to water or sewerage systems. The water coming into Serres Nemo is controlled with a solenoid valve. If local regulations require a manual shut-off valve in the water connection, the hospital must ensure that it is in place before installing Serres Nemo. 

What are the electrical needs? 

Serres Nemo has a cord with a plug that can be installed directly into an earthed wall socket (230 V/50 Hz). To ensure electrical safety, it must not be connected to the mains current with an extension cord. The electrical connection must be in a visible and easily accessible location. 

What are the cleaning requirements? 

If necessary, Serres Nemo can be cleaned by wiping it with a cleaning agent intended for disinfecting healthcare devices. The emptying chamber of the device is cleaned daily by running a program with a washing tray. A washing tray is placed into Serres Nemo with detergent used to clean the equipment’s emptying container. Do not use abrasive detergents or solvents to clean Serres Nemo. 

How long is a cycle? 

The cycle lasts only 18-20 seconds depending on the version of the device in use. 

What do we do with the bag after the cycle? 

After the bag is cleaned and rinsed by Serres Nemo, it can be disposed of in accordance with your facilities specific guidelines for disposing of medical waste.