Serres Services for a life cycle of full performance

When you invest in Serres equipment, you also want to get the most value from it across its whole life cycle. For that purpose, we continue to develop our authorized global network of Serres Service Partners who support users of Serres equipment. In most regions, users will receive service through our local allies, the distributors we work with closely. They are the experts of both the Serres solutions as well as the needs of medical facilities. We ensure the service capabilities of each partner with additional training so that each Serres Service Partner can take responsibility of your equipment’s performance and longevity. 

Through our established distributor network, we can also guarantee service from local, trained and Serres-certified Service Partners. Ones who are capable of guaranteeing you with professional and efficient service that is at the consistent quality level we demand and healthcare professionals expect around the world. 

Learning fuels pioneering 

With a tight-knit global network, we make sure that the latest information, accurate data and new learnings are shared across the boards. That improves our capabilties to develop together with our Service Partners for the benefit of the people who rely on Serres equipment day in, day out in medical facilities around the world. 

Each case is primarily serviced locally yet our Global Service Network also steps in with immediate support whenever necessary. We have the process and capabilities to tap into partners across the globe: in the most challenging cases, if a case cannot be solved by local engineers in 24 hours, the case is automatically forwarded to our global service center. In the most extreme cases, Global Product Management will deal with the issue. 

The continuous feedback from around the world and increasing understanding of how the equipment is used will benefit healthcare professionals by helping us develop new solutions and improve existing ones more accurately than ever before. With fresh insights into unanswered needs we will be able to provide even easier to use and more reliable ways to help you focus where it matters.

Developing service capabilities

Building our Global Service Network has gone hand in hand with the introduction of Serres Nemo, and developing equipment for smart fluid management around suction. For Serres Nemo itself a periodic maintenance program is to be carried out every two years to ensure it runs at full performance throughout its lifecycle, reliably and daily. 

Our service network is not yet complete. And it shouldn’t be. After all, Serres continues to grow by expanding in both existing markets and into new markets. We continue to build our authorized network. By developing our spare part stock to deliver to partners worldwide. By setting up a global switchboard for urgent inquiries. And by accelerating the training of local Serres Service Partners in collaboration with our trusted distributors.