How to set up the Serres Suction Bag System?

The user friendliness of the Serres Suction Bag System has been taken to the next level. Thanks to an innovative and patented design, the number of steps for setting up the system is minimal, with workflow optimized to reduce the changeover time in your OR.

To finalize the installation, the patient port must be closed to ensure the seal between the canister and the lid is tight.

During suction liquids flow into the bag. Once the bag is filled, the overflow filter automatically shuts the suction.

Lastly, the patient port is capped (or serial port if used) and the bag can be disposed of safely and hygienically.


The Serres Suction Bag System connects suction bags and accessories into one system that helps healthcare professionals focus where it matters. Together with Serres Nemo we can provide a holistic point of view around suction from fluid collection to fluid disposal.