We pioneer smart fluid management solutions around suction so that healthcare professionals around the world can better focus where it matters.

The Serres fluid management solution

We make life easier for people who rely on our equipment day in, day out by pioneering smart fluid management solutions around suction.

Together with healthcare professionals we share a passion for caring and use our expertise for the benefit of patients.

Our products are designed to work together, creating a holistic solution from suction to disposal.

You need to have confidence that your Serres product does what it was meant to do. Exceptional quality and over 45 years of product development experience are at the core of Serres solutions’ reliability.
Smart solutions improve work and patient flow. By working closely with healthcare professionals, we constantly pioneer new ways that improve fluid management efficiency.
When we design solutions and products, we focus on the user’s point of view. Therefore Serres Suction Bags and Serres equipment are intuitive to set-up and convenient in use. In-built safety features also minimize the risk of error and contamination.
Progress together
Our solutions
Rely on the essential in fluid collection

Designed for secure and durable fluid collection, the  Serres Suction Bag System  supports safety and hygiene in a variety of procedures around the hospital.




Serres Suction Bags are designed to never let you down. They are there for healthcare professionals in a wide variety of medical procedures. 


Over 45 years of expertise and innovation ensure that Serres solutions provide optimum safety and hygiene. 


Serres products are easy to use and set up to make life easier for healthcare professionals and support workflows. 

Creating value disposal-by-disposal

Working closely with our customers and users, we have developed Serres Nemo to make daily fluid waste disposal more hygienic and efficient.


Generates value with every use by lowering waste disposal costs and speeding up workflows.


Serres Nemo makes the medical fluid waste disposal process cleaner by sealing the waste throughout the process from suction to disposal. 


Functionally designed to fit in the tight spaces it is used in and for easy use and set up.

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