Serres Suction bags

Serres Suction bags are extremely easy to use, lightweight and durable.

We have designed the suction bags to support hygienic and safe workflow in hospitals from setup to disposal phase.

Safety as a priority

A patented single connection system makes misconnections with our Serres Suction bag virtually impossible, minimizing the risk of error. One connection, ready to go.

Sustainable by design

Due to smart design up to 4 times more suction bags can be packed in a box. This results in significant CO2e reductions from transportation and materials disposal.

Diverse usage

The same suction bag can be used in different types of procedures, resulting in hassle-free inventory management at the healthcare facility.

Serres suction bag

  • Available in 1L, 2L & 3L
  • Hydrophobic filter – combined bacterial & overflow protection.
  • Automatic closing, not affected by sudden movements like in other mechanical overflow systems.
  • Up to 36 L suction capacity with a serial port, largest volume available in the market.
  • For safety optional backflow valve available.
  • Single packed bag, ready-to-use package with patient tube, packed together in a peel pack also available.

Serres pre-gelled Suction bag

  • Reduces risk of accidental spills or contact with potentially infectious waste by turning collected fluids into solid waste.
  • Pre-inserted water soluble solidifying agent bags eliminate manual work of solidifier addition.
  • Patented 2L & 3L folded pre-gelled bags for fast and easy installation.

Serres Suction bag system installation

This video guides you how to set up and use the Serres suction bag system from installation to disposal.

Serres Suction system and Serres Nemo, working as an integrated solution

Designed to work efficiently as an integrated closed-loop system that eliminates contact with collected blood. Generating cost benefits by significantly reducing the amount of surgical fluid waste generated in the operating room.

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