Sustainability at Serres

Sustainability is deeply rooted within our culture and embodies our brand promise to bring responsible workflow to
the operating room.

Sustainability is deeply rooted within our culture and embodies our brand promise to bring responsible workflow to
the operating room.

Serres Sustainability Report 2023 is now available

Serres sustainability reporting is in line with standards published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to measure and report responsibility.

Our sustainability vision

Serres’ sustainability work is summarized in four sections, and taken together, both the targets and the results will ensure a long-term profitable and responsible business: active work for a better environment; care for the well-being of our employees; patient and healthcare professional safety; and responsible business conduct.

Active work for a better environment

LCA calculation of a 2l Serres Suction bag

To understand and reduce our environmental impact, we went on a journey to evaluate the carbon footprint of our 2l suction bag’s entire life cycle. This case is a cradle-to-gate calculation from Serres factory at Kauhajoki to Rotterdam hospital in the Netherlands.

Launching our Circular Economy Center of Excellence

In 2023, we established a Circular Economy Center of Excellence to work towards reducing waste and increasing the amount of recycled material in our products and packaging.



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Serres Suction bags: sustainable by design

The Serres single-use suction bag contains minimal plastic, while ensuring, and even exceeding high-performance standards.

We at Serres actively take steps to become the global leader in sustainable medical single-use offering and recyclable solutions in circular economy to support hospital’s net-zero targets.

Helping hospitals reach their net zero targets

The health sector plays a significant role in global greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for nearly 5% of the total emissions worldwide. This figure can be as high as 10% in some high-income nations.

Patient and healthcare professional safety

Patient safety as a priority

Suction is used to remove blood and other secretions from the patient to ensure that surgeons have a clear visibility to the area being operated.

Because the liquid waste from medical suction can be infectious or hazardous, safe fluid collection is critical.

Serres Suction bag has been designed for the most demanding conditions to ensure patient and healthcare professional safety.

The quality of our product is exceptional, for every million uses only 1 reported failure.

Meticulous quality assurance

Quality, reliability and precision are of paramount importance to our customers, that is why safety is a guiding principle that is rooted within all aspects of our operations. Our products undergo rigorous testing that surpasses the required standards.

Examples include ISO 13485, MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program), and the European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR).


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Care for the well-being of our employees

We offer meaningful work in a well-managed and safe environment where people are treated equally.

Our employees are encouraged to further their personal development.

We believe that well-being at work results from motivated employees, interesting work tasks, an open workplace environment and clear targets.

Responsible business conduct

Responsible business conduct

At Serres, we consider reponsibility a collective endeavor.

Knowing and following applicable laws and regulations is a basic requirement for all of us.

Code of Conduct

At Serres, we hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

That’s why we require all suppliers, personnel, and distributors to adhere to our comprehensive code of conduct.

Whistleblowing channel

We operate with responsibility and integrity and expect our business partners to hold the same high standards. It is of paramount importance to promptly report any unwarranted conduct and non-compliance.

Our whistleblowing channel is available for our external stakeholders, enabling them to report their concerns and suspected violations of our Codes.

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