All accessories are compatible with Serres suction bags and are easy and fast to connect.

Simple yet effective design of the accessories minimizes setup times.

Solutions that help clinicians maintain highest level of hygiene in their patient care.

Collection cup

  • For collecting particles from the collected liquid.
  • Cup solution avoids contact with the collected liquid and particles. Includes caps for sealing the cup fully when preparing the sample for further analysis.
  • Sieve size 1 mm
  • Product is designed for single-use.

Measuring cup

  • Used together with the suction bag when the precise volume of the suctioned liquid is needed.
  • Measuring scale up to 250ml with full capacity of 400ml.
  • Measurement accuracy is 5ml up to 50ml and 10ml up to 250ml.
  • Product is designed for single-use.

Bacterial and viral filter

  • Filters airborne bacteria and viruses from reaching the vacuum source unit or central vacuum.
  • Bacterial and viral efficiency: > 99.999%
  • Product is non-sterile.

Vacuum source protector

  • Protects surgical vacuum unit or central vacuum system from liquid contamination in case of an unpredictable failure of the fluid collection system.
  • Optimized to provide steady suction performance and flow rate.
  • Rapid reacting hydrophobic design.

Installation and use of Serres suction bag accessories

This video guides you how to use the accessories of Serres suction bag system.

Serres Suction system and Serres Nemo, working as an integrated solution

Designed to work efficiently as an integrated closed-loop system that eliminates contact with collected blood. Generating cost benefits by significantly reducing the amount of surgical fluid waste generated in the operating room.

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