Suction canisters

A suction canister supports the Serres suction bags and provides an easy way to keep track of the amount of collected liquid.

The robust suction canisters are reusable and autoclavable. Canisters can be used in ambulances, anesthesia machines, intensive care and neonates units as well as more general and high-volume procedures.

Simple connection to vacuum ​source

Suction canister comes with angle connector for the vacuum line, once it’s installed there is no need to touch the vacuum tube or connector between operations.

Accuracy and precision

Wide measuring scale is easy to read.

Effective cleaning

Robust structure and resistant material of the suction canister enables effective cleaning, including autoclaving.

Suction canister

  • Available in 1L, 2L a& 3L.
  • Integrated vacuum line connection – simplifies suction bag installation and use.
  • Certified measurement scale for accurate reading with 100 ml intervals.
  • Manufactured from high durability polycarbonate to minimize replacement needs.
  • Built-in brackets for easy mounting on walls, rail supports, beds and trolleys.
  • Blue tinted canisters available for sensitive circumstances to ensure comfort of patients and families.

Installation and use of Serres suction bag system

This video guides you how to set up and use the Serres suction bag system from installation to disposal.

Where to buy

We support our customers in 50+ countries with our global distributor network.

Serres Suction system and Serres Nemo, working as an integrated solution

Designed to work efficiently as an integrated closed-loop system that eliminates contact with collected blood. Generating cost benefits by significantly reducing the amount of surgical fluid waste generated in the operating room.

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