Large volume solutions

Serres suction bag system is designed for scalable and dynamic fluid collection.

Serres suction bags are easily connected in a serial chain on a rail or trolley.


Same suction bag for single use or serial connection. When the bag is full the system will automatically start the flow into the next suction bag without any hassle or intervention.


Serres Trolley can easily be transported to the operating room and is ready-to use in just a few minutes.


  • Lightweight solution for large volume collection with up to 36 liters of suction capacity
  • One level by default, second level can be installed with an optional bracket.
  • Up to 6 canisters per level
  • Extra space for 2 additional devices such as regulator, ejector, or vacuum shift on top of the trolley
  • 120 cm high, includes a wheel brake
  • Compact low trolley, 55 cm high, can be placed under hospital bed or similar. It has space for 3 suction canisters or devices such as regulator, ejector or catheter holder.

Installation and use of Serres serial connection

This video guides you how to set up and use Serres suction bags in serial connection.

Serres Suction system and Serres Nemo, working as an integrated solution

Designed to work efficiently as an integrated closed-loop system that eliminates contact with collected blood. Generating cost benefits by significantly reducing the amount of surgical fluid waste generated in the operating room.

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