Expand the capacity with serial connection

Serres Suction Bags are easily connected in a serial chain, providing the biggest suction capacity in market. Especially in procedures that involve large volumes of suctioned liquid such as orthopedic surgery, the amount of suctioned fluids can be more than tens of litres.

In a serial connection, you can connect up to 6 canisters into one chain. When using 3L canisters in two levels, the maximum collection capacity is 36 litres on one trolley.

In serial connection, serial tubes are used to connect the suction bags, while canisters are connected with vacuum tubing. You can connect up to 6 canisters into one chain.

Thanks to outstanding product compatibility, all Serres Suction bags can be used either in single or serial connections. Also, it is possible to connect different size of canisters in serial connection in one trolley.