The versatile Serres suction bag range

Serres makes your job easier by offering the largest variety of suction bags for medical procedures. We ensure safe and reliable suction with our range of suction bags and suction bag accessories that make up the Serres Suction Bag System. 

With the largest range of suction bags and accessories, you can customize your fluid management set-up to meet specific preferences or special treatment needs. Whether your top priority is safety or you just want to streamline the workflow, we have a solution for you.  

Serres Suction Bags also cover every type of medical fluid waste disposal from incineration and red bag waste to sewage disposal. The Serres Suction Bag System is also designed to be environmentally sustainable throughout the product lifecycle.

All Serres suction bags can be used individually or in a serial connection, and they accommodate all Serres accessories for special clinical needs. With the integrated product range, organizing and managing your inventory is easier than ever. 

Regardless of your suction needs, you will find an ideal solution from our wide range. Also, the system can be supplemented at any time with all components fully compatible with each other.