Pre-gelled suction bags for extra safety

Pre-gelled Serres Suction Bags ensure the easy and safe handling of fluid waste from suction. They minimise the risk of accidental spills or contact with potentially infectious waste during transportation. It makes the working environment of nursing and cleaning staff more hygienic and safe.

Medical procedures can be immediately initiated with the solidifier pre-inserted into the bag and packed in soluble pouches.

Serres has developed the solidifying agent for managing and transporting fluid waste in a safe, compliant and cost-effective manner. The solidifying agent is packed in small 25g or 15g dissolving sachets. Sachets can be added into a suction bag through the serial port before or after the suction procedure. Dissolving sachets are also used for the collection of urine in small containers.

The solidifier is available also as a powder in 2kg tubs. You need approximately 20g of solidifying agent per 1,000ml of liquid. 20g of powder equals approximately 25ml in volume. With pre-gelled suction bags hospitals can save in costs. Especially where pre-gelled bags can be disposed of with regular trash.Disposal of suction bags with non-hazardous waste can be up to 3 times cheaper than the red bag disposal of standard bags. However, this depends on the policies of individual hospitals.

Pre-gelled suction bags are available in 1L, 2L and 3L sizes. The 2L and 3L pre-gelled bags are folded, easing and speeding up installing the bag into the canister.