Serres suction bag and tube

Serres bag and tube packages consist of a patient tube and a suction bag packed in a peel pack. This ready-to-use combination of fully compatible suction products simplifies nursing work, while reducing the number of product codes for better inventory control.

Bag and tube packages are available in 1L, 2L and 3L sizes. They also come with a CH25 or CH30 patient tube and can include a vacuum control adapter if required.

Suction tubes provided in the suction bag and tube packages are made of DEHP-free PVC. All other Serres products are 100% PVC free.

SerresTip and stop vacuum adapters connect to standard suction catheters and enable safer suction control. The SerresTip adapter features a unique ergonomic design for easier and more hygienic handling using only one hand. The stop vacuum device provides a secure vacuum switch closer to patients. This device is available in two versions for adult or pediatric suction catheters. All adapters are sold as separate items or provided with suction bag and tube packages.