Serres Suction Bags for quality and ease of use

Serres suction bags are designed for the highest safety and hygiene. That’s why the Serres suction bag system is a closed system that eliminates contact with aspirated blood and fluids. Secure closing makes sure no spillage or leakage occurs.  

Serres suction bags also include a patented single connection system to prevent misconnection. The error-free connection is easy to learn and use, minimizing the risk of error or accident. 

All Serres suction bags are equipped with hydrophobic filters that serve as a combined bacterial filter and overflow protection. Overflow filters also block foam from entering the bag and is not sensitive to sudden movements that could stop suction in case a mechanical filter were used. 

All standard bags are available in three sizes: 1L, 2L and 3L.

When using Serres suction bags, the vacuum source is connected to the angle connector of the canister. Once installed, there is no need to touch the vacuum tube or the connector between procedures. Just connect the patient tubing and the bag is ready for use.