Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment for Serres suction liners promotes safer, smarter and more cost-efficient fluid waste management in hospitals, creating value disposal-by-disposal.

Reducing fluid waste disposal costs by up to 97%.
Minimizing risk of contamination.
Up to 97% less CO2e.
The Serres Integrated Solution
Serres integrated solution for fluid collection and disposal

Serres fluid collection and disposal solution is ideal for low to medium volume cases to replace the costly practice of incinerating full suction bags, and the outdated and unsafe process of pouring waste down the hopper. Watch video to learn more.
Serres Nemo imupussien tyhjentämiseen

Serres Nemo fluid disposal for Serres suction bags

Cleaning up fluid disposal

The Serres Nemo allows you to empty the Serres suction bag’s content into the sewer with minimal effort, making fluid disposal safer, cleaner and easier than ever before 


Serres Nemo cleans up the whole process of medical fluid disposal while minimizing risk of contamination. Emptied suction bag weights only a fraction compared to a full suction bag, thereby reducing fluid waste disposal costs by up to 97%. 

Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment for suction bags
Key features

Fits into tight spaces with its functional design and compact form.

Fast to operate

Speeds up your everyday workflow with an emptying cycle of only 15 seconds.

Sealed for safety

Keeps your hands clean with safely capped Serres suction bags emptied in a sealed container.

We are dedicated to make fluid collection and fluid disposal smarter, so that healthcare professionals can better focus where it matters.
Serres Nemo protects healthcare professionals from exposure to infectious fluid waste

What is Serres Nemo? 

Serres Nemo is designed for on-site disposal of fluid medical waste. With Serres Nemo, healthcare facilities can reduce hospital waste and the related disposal costs by up to 97%, while minimizing the risk of contamination.  

What does Serres Nemo do? 

Serres Nemo medical fluid disposal equipment flushes the Serres Suction Bag’s content into the sewer on-site. It secures savings with every use by removing the need for costly disposal of full suction bags after each procedure.  

How to dispose empty suction bags? 

Hospital waste disposal is charged by weight, and the empty suction bag weighs a fraction of a full bag. After the suction bag is flushed, the empty bag weighs less than 100 grams, yielding substantial savings for the facility. 

What are the benefits of Serres Nemo? 

Hospitals also benefit from lower transportation costs as Serres Nemo is used for on-site fluid disposal within the hospital so there’s no need to transport full bags into incinerators for costly final disposal. This also makes Serres Nemo a sustainable choice for the environment.   

From a hygiene point-of-view, Serres Nemo creates value disposal-by-disposal by protecting healthcare professionals from unwanted spills and exposure to biohazardous fluids. Safely capped Serres Suction Bags are emptied in a sealed container which makes the process entirely safe for the hospital staff.