Fluid disposal with Serres Nemo: how does it work?

Serres Nemo is a new way of disposing fluid hospital waste. It is used for emptying the Serres suction bag’s content into the sewer. Serres Nemo is designed to be used exclusively with standard Serres suction bags of 2000ml and 3000ml in volume.

The operation of the Serres Nemo fluid waste disposal equipment is simple. Serres Nemo empties and rinses the content of the Serres suction bag into the sewer system using the water nozzle in the Serres Nemo which penetrates the suction bag lid, while the water pressure punctures and rinses the suction bag.  

The Serres Nemo, allows you to empty 2 and 3 litre Serres Suction Bags into the sewage with minimal effort, making the whole process more hygienic and cost-effective. Waste disposal costs only apply to empty suction bags rather than all the fluid waste, resulting in up to 97% cost savings in fluid hospital waste disposal.

The installation of Serres Nemo is simple. To install the equipment, you just need to connect the device into the water, sewer and electrical networks. Thanks to its functional design and compact size, Serres Nemo fits even in tight places as its width is only less than 32cm.

Serres Nemo is ideal for any department or clinic where Serres Suction Bags are used. The emptying process is simple, fast and hygienic, providing unparalleled value for fluid hospital waste disposal.

After the procedure, insert the capped suction bag into Serres Nemo, close the lid with a safe click, and the press play/pause button to start the 15 second emptying and flushing cycle.

Once the cycle is finished, the suction bag is cleaned and rinsed, and it can be removed from the Serres Nemo and disposed of in accordance with your hospital’s waste disposal guidelines.