Serres Group Oy is now Paree Group Oy

Our group parent company, formerly known as Serres Group Oy, has changed its name.

The new name is Paree Group Oy and the change is effective immediately from 22 November 2019.

"By changing the name from Serres Group Oy to Paree Group Oy, we want to clarify the difference and roles between the group parent company and its subsidiary Serres Oy," says Mika Hagberg, Managing Director, Paree Group Oy.


Other information

Company contacts, visiting address, phone numbers, VAT and bank account number remain unchanged. Contracts in force between You and Serres Group Oy prior to the name change remain unchanged.

The change has no effect on the Paree Group's subsidiaries; namely Serres Oy, Vieser Oy, Innokas Medical, and Cubist IT AB.


All new business correspondences, invoices and contracts between you and Paree Group Oy shall be carried out under the name Paree Group Oy.

Email addresses will change soon, but the messages sent to the existing addresses will be redirected.

We kindly ask you to make the change in your records and use Paree Group Oy for all future communication with our parent company.

Mika Hagberg
Managing Director
Serres Oy and Paree Group Oy
+358 40 7457008

About Serres
Serres is the progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions around suction.  Through our solutions, we help healthcare professionals to succeed in their daily work. Our integrated Serres solution for fluid collection and disposal promotes safer, smarter and more sustainable fluid waste management in the hospitals. The new Serres Saga Fluid Management System is designed to manage large fluid volumes in the operating rooms improving efficiency, safety and patient care. Supporting over 60 000 operations a day, the Serres suction systems help healthcare professionals around the world to focus where it matters. 

Serres is a part of Paree Group with 450 employees and annual turnover of 60 MEUR (2018), is a Finnish family-owned company. Our headquarters is in Finland and we serve our customers in 50+ countries with our global distributor network. For more information, visit our website at