Serres Partners with CAREstream America to Accelerate Its Growth in the United States

Espoo, Finland, August 18, 2021:  CAREstream America — a leading product and services distributor for hospitals, surgery centers, pain management and aesthetic facilities in the United States — became last month an authorized distributor of Serres’s surgical suction and fluid management solutions.  

As a leading fluid management solutions provider in Europe, Serres was looking for a long-term partner with extensive knowledge of the U.S. market to strengthen its growth in this market.  

Impressed by CAREstream America’s expertise and dedication to improving patients’ care, Serres has decided to partner with the CAREstream America team to take fluid management to the next level in the United States.  

“We have been searching for the right partner to really push through to the American market. Our products are recognized for their reliability, quality, and ease-of-use globally. We strongly believe that U.S. hospitals simply cannot do without our solutions, and we are confident that CAREstream America is the ideal partner to take us forward”, says Nicke Svanvik, the CEO of Serres. 


Serres and CAREstream America will focus their partnership on developing the Serres Suction Bag System and Serres Nemo offer in the U.S. market to help healthcare professionals make fluid collection and fluid disposal safer, more hygienic, and cost-efficient.  

Taking Fluid Management to the Next Level with the Serres Suction Bag System and Serres Nemo 

The Serres Suction Bag System — developed in Finland by the Serres team together with healthcare professionals — is now utilized in over 60,000 surgeries per day around the world. It ensures reliable, safe and hygienic surgical suction. 

Serres Nemo, on the other hand, makes liquid disposal safer, faster and cost-effective, allowing hospitals and clinics to reduce risks of contamination for healthcare professionals handling patients’ fluids during and after surgeries. 


Taking fluid management to the next level with Serres solutions


In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, this partnership will enable U.S. hospitals and clinics to reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, the Serres team has been looking at the entire life cycle of its solutions — all the way from the design to the manufacturing, transportation, storage, use and disposal stages — to help healthcare facilities meet their sustainability goals. Learn more here.  

CAREstream America Chairman, Dr. Al Sperry, commented on the new partnership saying: 

“We are very pleased to announce a long-term agreement with Serres Fluid Management for the United States. Serres is a dominant European force, and we are proud and honored that they have chosen CAREstream America as their US Partner. We believe that the Serres Product line fits perfectly within the growing CAREstream America product portfolio. We are excited to build our partnership and look forward to many years of growth and success” - Dr. Al Sperry.

We are thrilled to start this new partnership with CAREstream America and look forward to combining our efforts to take fluid management to the next level in the U.S. market! 


Serres and CAREstream new partnership to take fluid management to the next level in the United States


About Serres:  

Founded in 1973 in Kauhajoki, in the province of Southern Ostrobothnia in Western Finland, Serres has become a progressive leader in the fluid management industry. Our mission is to help healthcare professionals succeed in their daily work and better focus where it matters — patients’ care and safety. To do so, our teams are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that make every step of fluid management smarter, safer and more sustainable, all the way from fluid collection, fluid disposal and fluid deficit measurement. Today, our solutions are utilized in over 60,000 surgeries per day around the world and we serve our customers in 50+ countries through our global network of authorized distributors. Serres is part of Paree Group Oy that employs 450+ employees and has an annual turnover of 70 MEUR (2020). 

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About CAREstream Group: 

 The CAREstream group is dedicated to bettering the lives of its employees, patients and customers through premium services and products. CAREstream began serving customer’s respiratory and anesthesia needs over 20 years ago. In 2013, CAREstream America was formed in central Florida to expand its distribution of high-quality solutions including innovative water-jet technologies to help shape the body, an exclusive analgesia delivery system to relieve procedure anxiety and discomfort, and proprietary autologous biologics. Both divisions also offer a variety of additional medical products to furnish quality care for facilities including aesthetics, orthopedics, labor and delivery, hospitals, surgery centers and more. Christie Medical Holdings Inc., MedPro Respiratory, and Axiom Therapies are also elements of the CAREstream Group. 

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