FAQ: Serres Suction Bag System

How do you install Serres Suction Bags? 

Serres Suction Bags are easy to install with a help of vacuum. Just unfold the suction bag place it into the suction canister, turn on the suction source, and the suction bag will inflate automatically. Then close the patient connector with your finger, and simultaneously push the suction bag slightly from the middle of the lid. Wait until the desired vacuum is established and that the suction bag is fully inflated. 

Should Serres Suction Bags be placed so that the air channel of the lid meets the hole in the canister? 

No, the vacuum is created, and the bag is inflated regardless of the position of the bag. 

Where should the suction canister be placed? 

There are several  options for mounting canisters that use Serres Suction Bags, including movable Serres trolleys or brackets that enable installation on walls, rails, tables and tables.  

What does single connection mean? 

All Serres Suction Bags have a patented, single connection system, so there is only one angle connector for the patient tube. This ensures error-free and fast installation of Serres Suction Bags. 

Can 2000ml Serres Suction Bags be installed into the 3000ml suction canister? 

No, Serres Suction Bags must always be installed into a suction canister of equal size. The lid structure of the 2000ml and 3000ml Serres Suction Bags also differs, which makes it impossible to combine suction bags and canisters with different volumes.   

How to ensure that the Serres Suction Bag System is ready for operation after installation? 

Simply check that the suction bag is fully inflated and that a vacuum has formed.  

How long can the same Serres Suction Bags be used? 

For safety and hygiene reasons, Serres Suction Bags must be replaced after every patient. If the suction bag is used in an  ICU or ward, it is recommended that the suction bag is replaced at least every 24 hours.  

Should the canisters be changed after each procedure? 

No, Serres Suction Canisters are reusable. You can install the canister and connect your vacuum line without the need to remove the canister after every use.  

What happens when the Serres Suction Bags becomes full? 

Serres Suction Bags are equipped with a hydrophobic filter. A hydrophobic filter acts as a combined bacterial filter and overflow protection. The filter closes suction automatically when it comes in contact with fluids as the suction bag becomes full.

What do I need to do after the procedure? 

At the end of a procedure, disconnect the patient tube and white angle connector. Cap the bag with the patient connector plug that can be found on the lid of all Serres Suction Bags. Turn off the vacuum and lift the suction bag using the handle on the lid. Dispose the bag according your hospital’s waste management guidelines.  

How should the used products be disposed of? 

Dispose the used products in accordance with recycling labeling and hospital-specific instructions. 

What material are the Serres Suction Bags made of? 

Serres Suction Bags are entirely PVC free. They are made of polyethylene (PE) and the white angle connector is made of polypropylene (PP).  

What is a solidifying agent? 

A solidifying agent is superabsorbent polymer that absorbs large amounts of liquid and makes it solid. Solidified suction bags are safe and easy to handle, and can be disposed of as solid waste, which can reduce hospital waste disposal costs noticeably. 

How much solidifying agent is needed? 

For each 1000ml of fluids, 20g of solidifying agent is needed. 20g of powder equals 25 ml in volume. 

What does serial connection mean? 

A serial connection allows suction capacity to expand to 36 liters by connecting multiple suction in a series. 

Does serial connection require a special suction bag? 

No, thanks to our compatible product range, standard Serres Suction Bags can also be used in serial connections. 

When the Serres Suction Bag system is used in serial connection, does the liquid flow automatically to the next suction bag in the series? 


How many canisters can be connected in series at a time? 

When using the Serres Suction Bag System, up to six canisters can be connected in a series. A high trolley and a vacuum shift allow you to increase the suction capacity up to 36 liters.