100 Serres Nemos Support a More Sustainable Surgical Fluid Disposal in Swedish Hospitals

A total of 100 Serres Nemo fluid disposal devices are now used in hospitals all around Sweden for cost-efficient and sustainable surgical fluid waste disposal. Blekingesjukhuset in Karlskrona took into use the 100th Serres Nemo device in Sweden. This significant milestone is a testament to the fantastic work of our distributor in Sweden, Mediplast and the successful collaboration with the Serres team.

Serres Nemo fluid disposal device secures the emptying of the Serres Suction bag in a hygienic manner while significantly reducing the amount of waste generated in the process. Instead of disposing the full Serres Suction bags by incineration, Serres Nemo flushes the Serres Suction bag’s diluted content into the sewer and only the empty bag is incinerated. This results in lower waste management and logistics costs as only the empty suction bags are transported and incinerated.

Mediplast has played a critical role in building relationships with Swedish hospitals and ensuring the successful implementation of the Serres Nemo devices in the market. We’ve seen a positive response from Swedish healthcare professionals who recognize the value it brings to surgical fluid waste disposal. When hospitals use Serres Nemo to empty suction bags, they can often reduce suction waste by up to 97%, leading to a corresponding 97% reduction in CO2e emissions, helping hospitals take steps to reach their sustainability targets in surgical fluid management.

“Reaching 100 Serres Nemos in Swedish hospitals is a huge achievement,” says Juha Korhonen, Sales Operations Manager at Serres. “We are really happy of our long-lasting partnership with Mediplast. Their expertise and commitment have been instrumental in bringing Serres Nemo to hospitals across the country. We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration and expanding our reach to even more healthcare facilities in Sweden and the whole Nordics.”

“Serres Nemo is great for helping healthcare to be environmentally sustainable and cost-effective,” says Björn Boräng, Sales manager at Mediplast.

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