50% of Top 100 Hospitals in the World Trust in the Serres Solutions

50% of the top 100 hospitals trust in the Serres solutions for their surgical fluid management. The World’s Best Hospitals 2024 is a project by Newsweek and Statista that yearly ranks the best hospitals around the world. The vision of the project is to establish the ranking as the best and most comprehensive resource for global top lists in the hospital sector.

Serres surgical fluid collection and management solutions are used worldwide in more than 50 markets and the Serres Suction bags support more than 75,000 operations around the world each day. We focus on bringing responsible workflow to the operating room by making surgical suction safe and sustainable. Our dedication for patient care for the last 50 years has enabled us to be the forerunners in smart fluid management solutions around suction, to make sure that with our products healthcare professionals can take quality for granted.

We are proud to be the trusted partner for surgical fluid management solutions in 50% of the Top 100 of World’s Best Hospitals in 2024. Among the hospitals in Europe that made the top 100 list, nearly 80% use Serres solutions for surgical fluid management. Together with our valued distribution partners and the growing distribution ecosystem, we are able to help hospitals make surgical fluid management safe and sustainable around the world.

“We are happy to see that so many of the leading hospitals around the world are trusting in our products for surgical fluid management. Our aim is to support healthcare professionals with solutions that are designed with usability in mind for a safe and responsible workflow, such that they can focus on caring for their patients in the best possible way. We are inspired by the fact that our solutions have been chosen in so many forerunner hospitals already today”, comments Nicke Svanvik, CEO of Serres.

The hospitals that have made the list in each country are ranked based on four data sources: Recommendations from medical experts, Existing Patient satisfaction data, Hospital quality metrics and Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) implementation survey

The full list and more information about the Top 250 Hospitals in the World: World’s Best Hospitals 2024 – Newsweek Rankings

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