50-Year-Old Paree Group’s Renewed Business Strategy Seeks Solutions to Wellbeing and Sustainability Issues

Paree Group, a family of companies with Finnish roots and comprising of subsidiaries Serres Oy, Innokas Medical Oy, Vieser Oy, and Cubist IT Ab turns 50 this year. To mark the anniversary, Paree Group renewed its business strategy and is now celebrating its anniversary with an eye to the future.

Paree Group is a family-owned business that owns leading small and medium-sized growth companies. With around 450 employees and a total turnover of 75 MEUR in 2022, the group’s shared mission is to make an impact today for a more sustainable and healthier tomorrow. The aim is to find solutions to issues related to well-being and sustainability. Paree Group designs and delivers safe, smart, and sustainable solutions together with its partners for the benefit of people, planet, and profits. The group seeks long-term business partnerships, taking advantage of synergies across subsidiaries to develop new innovations and solutions.

“Focusing on growth companies gives us competitive and synergistic advantages. Innovation and problem solving is very natural for us. Paree Group’s strategy is to be the best long-term owner of its subsidiaries and the most wanted employer for its employees. The company’s shared new mission and values will guide all our operations in pursuit of profitable business growth, human wellbeing, and sustainability,” says Mika Hagberg, CEO of Paree Group.

The best family for leading small and medium-sized growth companies Paree Group is a strongly value-driven group, and its values are reflected in everything it does.

“We believe that the best business results and the most sustainable outcomes are created through collaboration. Maintaining competitiveness requires renewal, the courage to change and the capacity to quickly learn and leverage new solutions. Paree Group is a workplace where the power of diversity is understood and harnessed for creativity and innovation. Our goal is to be the best family for leading small and medium-sized growth companies in our industry,” says Annika Jyllilä-Vertigans, CEO of subsidiary Vieser and second-generation owner of Paree Group.

One of the group’s many innovations is its subsidiary Serres’ hospital suction bags, where it is currently the second largest player in the world. Subsidiary Vieser is the leading manufacturer of floor drainage systems in the Nordic countries. In addition to suction bags and drainage systems, the group is active in a wide range of product design, devices, and software for the healthcare sector. Innokas Medical specialises in medical technology, and healthcare digitalization. Cubist is an IT consultancy that develops smart solutions for the healthcare of the future.