Solutions made smart for the environment

Environmental impact is always a sum of many parts. It requires looking at the consequences of the choices we make at every stage. Serres contributes to minimizing the environmental impact of healthcare by looking at the entire process of fluid management and designing the smartest solution for each phase.

Our solutions are made smart for the environment. That way we help healthcare professionals decrease the environmental impact of their actions around fluid management. The concrete benefits across the healthcare lifecycle allow the people who rely on our solutions day in, day out to focus where it matters.

Smart across the healthcare lifecycle

At every stage of the lifecycle, we provide smart solutions that decrease the environmental impact. We help healthcare facilities become more sustainable with solutions that have concrete benefits and a measurable influence on the environmental impact of the whole process. Designing smart, more sustainable choices for fluid waste management starts by looking at the entire lifecycle of the solution.


Minimizing the environmental impact starts from design. We optimize plastics use, which means our suction bags are much lighter compared to comparable products. Our suction bags and canisters are also PVC-free.


With production in our own hands we control the impact of the process. The Serres Suction Bags are manufactured in Europe which often means short delivery distances reducing CO2 emissions from transportation.


Product design and packaging that is ideal for smart transport. Lighter and foldable suction bags save space and decrease CO2 emissions from transportation. Up to four times more suction bags fit into a transport box which translates into more suction bags delivered per shipping container creating efficiencies in transport.


Smart space-saving packaging saves space also in wards. Optimizing the amount of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) simplifies stock and order management at the hospitals.


Solutions designed to be more environmental in use with a positive influence also on safety and well-being at work. Using less plastics and providing end-of-life solution for fluid disposal, our solutions are designed to minimize waste. 


We develop ways to minimize waste and safer ways to dispose of fluid waste. Serres Nemo decreases weight of waste to transport, reducing CO2 emissions from transport and incineration.


How we create concrete benefits across the lifecycle?

Smart with resources

  • We use less plastic for high quality, durable and reliable suction bags
  • Serres Nemo reduces waste and limits CO2 emissions from transport and disposal
  • Our plastics expertise and own manufacturing allows us to optimize for the lifecycle

Designed for the healthcare lifecycle

  • Foldable bags save space in transport and storage
  • Smart packaging for smaller carbon footprint
  • Serres Nemo is a smart solution for fluid waste disposal

Quality without compromise

  • Our products are used when failure is not an option
  • Environmental impact is one of the criteria for quality
  • Impact of quality from design phase to the end of the product lifecycle