We invest in sustainable growth and design

Responsibility is at the core of everything we do. We focus on minimizing the environmental impact of healthcare by looking at the entire value chain from medical fluid solution design to its disposal and designing the smartest solution for each phase.

We continuously seek new ways to reduce our impact on the environment to benefit our customers with safe and sustainable solutions around suction.

Focusing on sustainability across the entire lifecycle

Our sustainability initiatives extend from lean manufacturing and efficient use of raw materials to product design, product range optimization and end-of-life solutions for medical fluid waste disposal.



How we create concrete benefits across the lifecycle?

Smart with resources

  • We use less plastic for high quality, durable and reliable suction bags
  • Serres Nemo reduces waste and limits CO2 emissions from transport and disposal
  • Our plastics expertise and own manufacturing allows us to optimize for the lifecycle

Designed for the healthcare lifecycle

  • Foldable bags save space in transport and storage
  • Smart packaging for smaller carbon footprint
  • Serres Nemo is a smart solution for fluid waste disposal

Quality without compromise

  • Our products are used when failure is not an option
  • Environmental impact is one of the criteria for quality
  • Impact of quality from design phase to the end of the product lifecycle