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Serres Nemo Reduces Waste Management Costs at Clinique Beau Soleil Montpellier

The Serres Nemo suction bag disposal device allows hospitals to empty suction bags on-site in a hygienic manner, while significantly reducing the amount of waste generated in the process. Using Serres Suction bags and Serres Nemo, the amount of waste can be reduced up to 97%. This leads to significantly lower waste management and logistics costs as only the empty suction bags are transported and incinerated.

“We’ve seen a drastic decrease in the volumes of infectious fluid waste – 18 tons at 800 €/ton. We have quickly paid back the investment in the Serres Nemo device,” says Laurent Mairot, Chief Pharmacist, at Clinique Beau Soleil in Montpellier.

I was immediately excited by the Serres Nemo solution because it answers all the demands that were ending up on my office desk.

How does Serres Nemo reduce waste management costs at Clinique Beau Soleil Montpellier?

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