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Serres Nemo Saves Time and Money at Blekinge Hospital’s Department of Surgery

Serres suction bags and Serres Nemo waste disposal equipment have eased the daily work of staff in Blekinge Hospital’s Department of Surgery. Thanks to Serres solutions, they save both time and money – and now have a significantly improved working environment.

The Department of Surgery at Blekinge Hospital’s Anesthesia Clinic in Karlskrona has been using Serres suction bags and Serres Nemo for almost two years. The products are used in surgical procedures where it is necessary to handle large quantities of fluid.

When I started here in the urological department, we had buckets to collect all the fluids. It was really hard work to collect all of the fluid. It was not an ideal system.

Nilsson started searching for information on different systems that could be used to ease her and her colleagues’ work. She got in contact with representatives from Serres.

“They came here and showed me this suction system with multiple canisters. I thought it was fantastic. As did all the other nurses that tested it.”

How the Serres Suction Bags and Serres Nemo support Blekinge Hospital?

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Quick and easy

Jessica Nilsson says that everyone in her department feels comfortable with both the suction bags and Serres Nemo.

“We collect the fluids and put the bags in a small tub, which we then transport to Serres Nemo, either after the surgery or at the end of the day,” says Nilsson.

You go to Serres Nemo, open the lid, place the bag inside and close the lid. And poof, 15 seconds later it’s finished.

A very worthwhile investment

After two years it is evident that the system has been a good investment for the hospital. It saves both time and money.

“The working environment in the Department of Surgery has been greatly improved. We are very pleased,” concludes Nilsson.

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