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A Recommendation for Quality Suction Bags Made LBF Choose Serres

Comercial LBF is a Chile-based company that supplies medical devices and products to hospitals and clinics throughout Chile. In the beginning of 2018 they became a satisfied Serres distributor, now carrying Serres suction bags in their portfolio. We sat down with Nicolás Borzutzky, LBF’s Commercial Director, to discuss how they came to choose Serres and how the experience has been so far.

LBF had some challenges with their previous supplier of suction bags, Mr. Borzutzky explains about the history behind the switch to Serres. Concern was caused by cases where the previous supplier’s suction bags had exploded.

The quality of the suction liners we used to supply was not acceptable, and the supplier did not always assume their responsibility over the quality problems. Furthermore, the working relationship was not satisfactory, and our values did not match.

At some point, LBF considered making their own brand of suction bags. Borzutzky took a trip to China to find potential manufacturers to co-operate with, but he was left unimpressed: “I saw the products and thought: ‘This is more of the same and there’s nothing that helps us differentiate.’ Also, we realized that the product is critical, so we wanted to work with a supplier that had experience and who we can trust to respond if there are questions.” 

Mr. Borzutzky met with Serres’ Hungarian distributor at an event organized in connection with the MEDICA trade fair in 2016. The conversation turned to suction bags and the distributor recommended that Borzutzky should try Serres Suction Bags. The meeting piqued his interest and Borzutzky decided to approach Serres, and the two companies got talking. A Serres representative paid a visit to Chile in April 2017 to demonstrate the benefits of the Serres solution.

We trialed the Serres suction bag system at a few hospitals and received extremely good feedback on it. Also, our sales representatives were really impressed by the ease of use of the Serres suction liners so together with our product manager we made a decision to move forward with Serres.

The onboarding support was really good. The Serres product manager visited Chile immediately after the distributor contract had been signed to train the LBF staff on the Serres Suction Bag System and to support trials in key hospitals.

Borzutzky values training as an important element of the co-operation, as LBF prides itself in being able to provide the best service and pass the training to their customers. Serres is positively different from its competition, according to Borzutzky.

The first impression is that the product is simple to use. You always explain where to connect the vacuum but in the Serres suction system there’s just one port so it’s really simple. Other important things for us and for our customers are the size of the ward box that saves plenty of storage space and the security the product delivers: suction is a hospital essential that must work at all times, and you can always count on Serres liners for their reliability.

It isn’t just the quality of the product – it’s also the quality of collaboration. One aspect he compliments is the open relationship and mutual trust throughout the process.

“The relationship with the people is really important”, Borzutzky emphasizes. “We’ve had a good feeling from the very beginning with Serres. Communication is always fluent and fast, whether we talk by WhatsApp or email, and we get support when needed. I think the most important thing is that Serres really listens to us.”

The ease of bonding between LBF and Serres is not that surprising as the companies share similar values and roots.

“My grandfather León Borzutzky Fridman founded LBF in 1945,” Borzutzky explains. “We employ 105 people, but we are still a family company, just like Serres. So perhaps working with another family company makes both sides feel more comfortable with each other and create success together!”

Regarding the path of future progress together, things are also looking good. Borzutzky says LBF have been super happy with Serres and can easily recommend partnering with Serres for smart fluid management solutions around suction.

Our sales reps are now happy as they are selling the gold standard suction liners.

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